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Here at Tumble Shine Gymnastics, LLC we want to help your child shine as they learn the basics of tumbling and trampoline. Your child will learn strength, coordination, determination, team work, and social skills while learning the sport of tumbling and trampoline.

 Parent-tot (ages 1-2)

Parents join the children in class as young tots begin to learn self-confidence, team work, coordination, and basic body movement. Children use trampolines and floor in class working on rolls, cartwheels, and basic trampoline skills.


 Preschool (ages 3-5)

Our preschool program is designed with young ones in mind with interactive learning, stations, and obstacle courses. These little ones will not only learn gymnastics skills, but learn life lessons while interacting with others.
Level 1– 2 (ages 5-9)
This is our beginner level, children who have never taken gymnastics before are sure to benefit from learning handstands, rolls, cartwheels, round-offs and beginning back handsprings along with front flips.
Level 2-3 (ages 7-15)
This level is for a more experienced gymnast. These classes focus on back handsprings, front and back flips, along with connecting skills on floor, trampoline, and double mini.
Back Handspring ( ages 9 and up)
Our back handspring classes are designed to give each child the knowledge and confidence to do their standing back handspring on the floor. Along with their standing back handspring they will also work on connecting back handsprings and round-off back handsprings.
 Back Tucks, Layouts, and Fulls (ages 10 and up) 
These classes are designed to focus solely on advanced tumbling for not only cheerleading, but tumbling in general. Athletes work on the floor to obtain the skills they are working to achieve. To be in these classes, athletes must already have a standing back handspring and have gotten permission from the coach.
Tumbling and Trampoline (ages 4- and up)
Our competitive tumbling and trampoline team travels to nearby gyms to compete. They compete on three apprentices including: Rod floor, Trampoline, and Double-mini. The competitive season runs from October to July. If your child has a drive to learn and stand out tumbling team would be perfect for your star athlete.
Youth All star cheer (ages 3-14)
 Our youth cheerleading program is designed with future cheerleaders in mind. Each season the girls will learn a two and a hald minute woutine working various skills necessary to continue cheerleading.

Tumble Shine Gymnastics

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